Melanie Marino, writer

When a camera shutter clicks

A moment in time is captured

A memory is frozen along with all the crying, or the laughter

That’s why we have picture frames

To contain all the emotions

That are captured with one click of a button

And stored for future recollection

Most people like to look at pictures

They are comforting in a way

Because the past is known

It’s something that’s familiar

You can look at your mistakes and laugh

But it’s not the same with the future

The future is unknown, it’s vulnerable, its new

You can’t predict what people will do

But just imagine for a moment

If we could snap a picture of what’s to come

A glimpse of what’s next in life

It would definitely be comforting to some

But I think it’s better to be in the dark

And not worry so much about our subsequent fate

Because there’s a time for everything

And now the time to enjoy today