Micaela Row wins Reckless Optimism award

Mia Ford, writer

October’s character trait of the month was Reckless Optimism.

Optimism says “everything will turn out well no matter what!”

Reckless Optimism says “even if nothing turns out right, I’ll be okay and have a great life anyway!”

One of CA’s finest students, Sophomore Micaela Row, was chosen to fit this description. She eloquently states, “Optimism is a choice. People are going to go through a lot of bad things in life. It’s just how it is. Either you can let the bad parts in your life bring you down or you can focus on that one amazing happy part. It’s all part of trying to grow no matter what.”

“I don’t see myself as an optimistic person really,” she continues, “but my optimism has a lot to do with the people I see on a daily basis.”

Optimism goes in a circle. If you give a passing smile to a person in the hall, a hug to someone looking forlorn, they will be more inclined to spread that positive vibe to other people they come in contact with. So go out and proclaim an optimism so reckless that no one can stop it.