How to throw a Fall-tastic Friendsgiving



A gust of wind has arrived to stir up the leaves, and our hearts, with its name: Fall!

And with Fall come the average traditions of hot chocolate, fluffy scarves, and (best of all) thanksgiving.

Recently, more and more people have decided that one thanksgiving is simply not enough, and thus Friendsgiving was born.

Friendsgiving is about getting together with friends and being thankful for everything you have, especially when it comes to friends.

Below you will find the top five secrets to having an absolutely marvelous Friendsgiving . . .

  1. Friends

Obviously, friends are essential to Friendsgiving. The more the merrier! Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself though . . . and try not to invite the whole school. Get a nice-sized group of friends together and watch your favorite holiday movie. Remember: it’s never too early for A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  1. Cute Snacks

Even if you and your friends can’t tell a whisk from a strainer, there are tons of cute, fall-themed snacks you can try that are quick, easy, and affordable. I would suggest browsing Pinterest or heading over to Echolier Eats to see if you can try your hand at Mrs. Marquez’s oatmeal carmelitas or Mrs. Holland’s chocolate chip cookies. Tip: if all else fails, popcorn and hot chocolate go a long way.

  1. Games

What is better than spending time with friends and dominating them at UNO? Trick question! The answer is: nothing. Crack open the old game closet and dust off some of your favorites. Games such as Life, Apples to Apples, and Monopoly are certainly crowd pleasers, but if you really want to mix it up I would suggest Twister or Cranium. Tip: if supplies are short, a deck of cards can be played many ways, and you don’t need anything at all to play Charades.

  1. Playlist

The highlight of any party is the music. Try making a collection of songs that mean something to you and your friends. Whether it’s a song that makes you laugh or a song that makes you cry, you’ll have a memory to look back on each time the track changes. Tip: if the pressure of creating the perfect playlist is too much, try using the Flo Music app! Starting a Flo and inviting your friends to add songs throughout the night cuts out the need to add requests and adds up for a pretty hilarious evening.

  1. Gifts

Finally, as the host you should come up with some sort of goody for your guests to take home to remember the evening. Pinterest is another great source for cute yet simple take-home-treats. A few years ago, I took mason jars and made them into “Every Good Thing Jars” for my friends by filling them with post-its and sharpies and tying them up with a cute bow. The point of the jar is to write down every good thing that happens during the next year, giving you something to look back on and smile. Remember: less is more — you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to impress your friends. Something as simple as a bag of homemade cookies is enough to sweeten the night!

Above all, remember that Friendsgiving is about telling your friends how much you love them and how thankful you are for them each and every day that they’ve been in your life. Happy Friendsgiving!