CAYA boys’ basketball anticipates new season, new beginnings


Ben Mocnik, writer

Fall has come, and with it CAYA’s basketball season.

Last year, the boys’ varsity team exceeded expectations, although among the players there was a sense of incompletion–that there was more to be achieved.

With eight players returning to the team this year, hopes are high and dreams higher.

“We could be great [this year],” Senior Braxton Tracy said, “we have unlimited potential and I am very excited.”

Murrell Tull, first-year assistant coach, is excited for this season.

“For the past three years, I have been the athletic director for CAYA and will continue to carry on those duties, but this year I get the opportunity to coach and I love coaching . . . I love the opportunities coaching gives me to be an example to my players. I always try to teach life lessons in addition to coaching the sport,” Tull said.

Garrett Moore was the assistant coach for the varsity team for several years; this is his first year assuming the role of head coach.

“I’m excited to see the basketball team as a whole become one mind and thought. It’s not so much about winning and losing, but that they become one in Christ first. Winning in Christ and winning in basketball are one and the same; however, in order to win in both, mistakes will be made. Anything worth waiting for, fighting for, is worth battling through the mistakes; every winner in Scripture or in the game of basketball or any other sport made mistakes; it’s what they did to overcome those mistakes that made them winners. I am excited about seeing these young men become winners on the court and off, but more importantly, in Christ,” Moore said.

Come out and support the CAYA Eagles at the CAYA Jamboree on November 5 and 6.

Go Eagles!