Secret Sisters launches at CA


Madison Reinschmidt, writer

In late September, Student Association Pastor Morgan Nash gave a chapel talk to all of the girls at CA. Her inspirational words about self-esteem and worth made quite an impact on everyone. After that, the girls of SA introduced a new program called Secret Sisters.

“The Secret Sisters program is where we will pair up two different girls that write to each other all year. They will get to know each other’s heart before they get to know who they are. At the end of the year, the girls get to know who their secret sister is at a brunch. The whole process is anonymous, and a number system will be used. For example, the beginning of the letter would start with, ‘Dear 34 . . .,” Nash said.

Nash hopes that the program will make a big impact on the girls so that they will feel inspired to reach out to other girls and be nice to each other.

“I think it is really nice to get to know someone before judging them in person,” Sophomore Emily Martinez said.

Junior Leanne Eckhart also explained her excitement: “I feel like it’s a great opportunity for cliques to dissolve and to get to know people on the inside. If you get someone that you may think is weird, then you’ll end up getting to know who they really are.”

This experience will certainly end up being a positive one for everyone involved, and people will become comfortable with learning more about each other and even themselves. This will be a great opportunity for CA to become a closer family and accept everyone for who they are.

The Secret Sisters program officially began on Tuesday, October 25 – let the love begin!