Would you rather?


Most of you are familiar with the popular “would you rather questions” which force people to make the hard decision between two scenarios.

When students at CA were asked several “would you rather” questions, this is how they responded:

Would you rather go without junk food or television for the rest of your life?

“Junk food! Because I would be soooo healthy if I couldn’t eat junk food.”

– Kayden Ammerall, sophomore

“Television.”- Meg Ermer, freshman

“Television . . . because food. Food just gets to me mentally.”

– Jake D’Avanzo, sophomore


Would you rather speak any language fluently or talk to animals?

“Talk to animals! Because talking to animals is so much cooler obviously. You could communicate with them and tell them stuff!”

-Vicki Trembley, freshman

“Talk to animals. Because it’s fun to talk to animals and I really love animals.”

– Steve Su, sophomore

“Probably talk to animals because I love animals and I’m curious to know what they’re saying. It would be cool to know want my dog is saying to me. Speaking any language is pretty enticing though. I don’t really know which one to pick, I’m really indecisive.”

– Rachel Nall, junior


Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

“Oh that’s sooo hard!! I think I’d be invisible so I could play tricks on people. I would go around and tap on people’s shoulders or call their names and they would never know who it was.”

– Hope Hunnicut, sophomore

“I mean being invisible would be cool, but I kind of would want to fly. I think that would be much cooler.”

– Julien Magloire, senior

“I’d probably fly. Why? Because flying is fun. And cool. You could be like a bird . . . or a pterodactyl.”

– Christian Beasley, junior.


Would you rather talk in rhymes or sing instead of speak?

“I think would rather sing instead of speak because I would want my life to be like a musical!”

-Jamie Henderson, junior.

“I think I’d probably sing instead of speak. I’m not very good at rhyming, so I wouldn’t be able to talk that much if I had to rhyme.”

– Marisa Negron, sophomore

“Talk in rhymes!!! I’m a poet!”

– Jeremy Gustman, sophomore