Alexa Birch breaks 100-yard dash record


Abby Hansen, writer

Tuesday, September 27, was the day of the S.A. picnic and an exciting day for senior Alexa Birch.

Last year, Birch set a school record in the 100-yard dash with a time of 12.51 seconds.

Despite not training for the event and wearing new track shoes that were not yet broken in, Birch beat her own record by almost a full second with a new time of 11.53 seconds.

Birch was not expecting this outcome and had actually gone into the picnic hoping to break the high jump record she tied last year with former student Dana Knecht.

“I was surprised and astonished when I found out that I broke my own record,” Birch said.

In Birch’s opinion, “everyone should be involved in the S.A. picnic in some way. It’s so much fun and you have the opportunity to find out how far you can push yourself and how much you can accomplish.”