Mystery of the new class shirts


Melanie Marino, writer

Most CA students have noticed that there is something different about this year’s class shirts. Unlike previous years, students were not able to choose or create a design and then vote for a design that would be displayed on the class shirts.

This year, classes were only able to vote on the color of their class shirts. Except for the graduation date, the design on the shirts are the same for all of the classes. (One other exception is the seniors, who have their names displayed on the back of their shirts.)

There are many reasons why administration decided to take this route, one such reason being that it was much easier and faster.

“It was just really nice that everybody had their class shirts in time for the class softball games this year,” Freshmen Class Sponsor Mrs. Marquez said. “Doing the shirts this way just lets us get them to you faster and lets everyone get a shirt and helps make everyone feel included in their class.”

Mr. Baldwin adds another perspective for the reasoning behind the class-shirt change: “The other reason that we decided to do the shirts this way is that we had parents actually getting upset about shirt designs. Some parents asked about why their child’s shirt [design] wasn’t chosen or inquired about other things. Overall, doing the shirt this way is just faster and more convenient.”