10 things students don’t know about their teachers: Brian Arner


Madison Reinschmidt, writer


  1. He has a fake tooth from playing basketball . . . bet you can’t guess which one.
  2. He married the first girl he dated in college. 18 years and counting!
  3. His kids were six weeks short of being Irish twins (siblings born 12 or fewer months apart). Mercy!
  4. You can find him jamming to 80’s music while grading tests. Go Bon Jovi!
  5. He’s a sucker for buffets . . . “more bang for my buck! And I almost love ketchup and mayonnaise more than my wife! Don’t tell her I said that!”
  6. He loves Red Robin French fries, never mind the burgers!
  7. He’s a diehard Redskins fan.
  8. He can touch his tongue to his nose. Can you? (I know you are trying right now!)
  9. He grew up working the fields on the family farm — “Nothing runs like a Deer!”
  10. He can talk in a quiet voice . . . not! But he does get energy and strength from his favorite Bible verse Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”