10 things students don’t know about their teachers: Gary Pennell


Julien Magloire, writer

Mr. Pennell . . .

  1. Served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War.
  2. Worked as a DJ and music program director at a radio station.
  3. Played quarterback of his high school football team.
  4. In 3rd grade played Bashful in a community theater production of Snow White.
  5. Won an Elvis Presley contest at the age of 5 (playing the guitar).
  6. Has taught at CA for 27 years.
  7. Was awarded a history scholarship by Elsa Moody’s grandparents.
  8. Claims spaghetti and cornbread (not necessarily together or in that order) as his favorite foods.
  9. Praises the Beatles as his favorite music group.
  10. Went on a date with Miss Florida 1972.