Collegedale late-summer softball classic


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Ben Mocnik, writer

The rustling of leaves in the wind, the temperature beginning to cool, the days becoming shorter, and, of course, Collegedale Academy’s Late-Summer Classic: the class softball games.

Last year’s victors for both boys and girls, the juniors, came into the games supremely confident of bagging another “sweep” of the opponents. Both junior teams had rocky starts against their opponents, the freshmen boys and girls, who put up a good fight, but both victors pulled out a substantial victory.

In the next game on the boys’ side, the senior boys dismantled the sophomore team with a commanding 13-0 victory.

On the girls’ field, the result was just as dominating. However, instead of the upperclassmen running the show, the sophomore girls gave the seniors a solid thumping, winning by more than 10 points.

Leading up to the championship games, the senior boys were quite self-assured of victory having witnessed the junior boys’ shaky start against the freshmen and coming off of a resounding victory. As the game began, it was much of the same with the senior boys jumping ahead to a 5-1 lead by the second inning.

However, just as redemption for last year’s defeat seemed in sight for the seniors, the juniors shifted into another gear and scored 5 points in one inning.

From that point on, the juniors took control of the driving seat and led for the rest of the game, ending in a 11-7 win and reclaiming of the previous year’s title.

In the girls’ championship game, the game was much more lopsided. The junior girls took the lead in the first inning and never looked back. When the dust settled from the thrashing they handed out, the junior girls had won in 4 innings due to mercy rule (mercy rule victory: one team scores a certain amount of points by a certain inning and the game is ended).

With another Late-Summer Classic under our belts, the junior class has won on both sides; the juniors boys received their second victory in as many years and the junior girls continue their domination of the games with their third straight year as champions.