Happy Little Life: Listen

Happy Little Life: Listen

Devin Vaudreuil, writer

The world is filled with noise. Even here, away from the city, there is noise; the noise of cars and construction, and the noise of people talking and moving. We become used to it, and we even forget about it.

When we go into the great outdoors, that carries over. We become deaf to the sounds of beauty around us: the myriad of bird whistles, the wind in the trees. It even comes to the point where we become uncomfortable with the silence.

But silence we must seek more than almost all else because it is the rarest element of sound in the modern day and age.

There is beauty in silence. In silence we begin to realize how much bigger our world is than just the little bubble we usually focus on.

Don’t just hear the absence of noise, but rather, listen to the silence.