God’s Little Wonders: Assassin Bug


Have you ever stopped and pondered what did I not see today?

So much happens in just one day. To try and see everything in our paths is unthinkable. But we can try to see more than we currently do! Why not choose to be more observant of our surroundings and pray for God to show us something new and wonderfully made by Him?

When it comes to identifying bugs and flowers, I personally get pleasure from finding them in books. When I read about something, later stumbling upon it in real is magnificent! We may think we know it all, and then nature comes along and taps us on the shoulder saying, “have you seen this?”

Such an experience happened to me this summer. After laboring for several hours in the sun, I was finally able to take a break. As I looked down at the grass, I noticed a yellow blob. Crouching down, I looked closer, and to my surprise this bug wasn’t just yellow—it had black- and white-striped bands all over it! Whipping out my Olympus TG-4 Tough camera, I snapped some photos of him. With closer observation, I realized it was the one and only Assassin Bug.

Finding an Assassin Bug is a miracle because they are feared predators in the insect world.  These bugs will stalk, pounce on, and even hunt down their prey. Once they grab a forsaken soul with their super-strong legs, they probe their razor beaks into the back of the struggling victim and then inject a paralyzing digestive agent and suck out the insides.

The bugs range in size from ½-1 ⅜ inches. They mostly prey on insects, but some suck blood from vertebrates.

It may only be an insect, but before my encounter with the Assassin Bug I never knew of a yellow- and black-striped bug with spikes.

God’s creations come in intricate shapes and sizes, and they declare how much God pays attention to detail.bug-6 bug-8 bug-10 bug-4