10 activities to do in Arizona



Melanie Marino, writer

1. See the sun rise and set over the Grand Canyon and snap a good picture.

2. Take a ride on a boat at Lake Powell and admire the stunning colors of the rocks.

3. Go to Montezuma Castle and see remnants of ancient homes that are

carved into the cliffs and rock faces.

4. Try prickly pear cactus syrup on pancakes (It’s not as bad as

it sounds!)

5. Head over to Antelope Canyon and take a tour of the awesome rock

formations created by flowing water.

6. Drive down the long, empty stretches of roads with windows

down and music blasting.

7. Hike to Horseshoe Bend and get a breathtaking view of the

Colorado River.

8. Check out all the local wildlife — and maybe get up close to some

at Grand Canyon National Park.

9. Visit the Navajo Nation Indian reservation, the largest reservation

in the U.S., and meet some of the Indians who live there.

10. Buy some authentic souvenirs, like artisan pots, prickly pear

cactus candy, or handmade blankets and bracelets made by the Navajo