Goodbye Seussical, Hello Dolly!


Melanie , Marino

Lately there has been a lot of talk about CA’s musical changing from Seussical: The Musical to a new mystery musical.

Miss Bishop confirmed that the rumors are true and that the new musical is Hello, Dolly!

Not to worry though, the musical is still scheduled to be performed at the same time, at Alumni Weekend in April.

Hello, Dolly! is a romantic comedy produced in 1964 about Dolly Levi, a socialite turned match-maker. It’s set in the 1890s in New York City. Because of its major success, the musical was also made into a film in 1969.

The musical was changed because “Seussical had an enormous amount of music to prepare. Also, we would have had to make changes to the music and there might have been copyright and licensing issues,” Bishop said, “[but] Hello, Dolly! has excellent music. The music . . . is just really fun,” she said.

Be on the lookout; the cast list for the musical should be posted this afternoon at!