Happy Little Life: Draw something



Every day after school, we all get home and stare at the mountain of homework before us: studying for a test, math assignments that go on forever, and English essays due by tomorrow.

Easily, our brains become overloaded on math and English and history, leaving the other half of the brain, the side responsible for creativity, unused. Which is why we should pick up a pencil and draw something.

Before this year, I didn’t have time to do anything pertaining to art. Then, I entered a class which forced me to draw and color. Now, I feel relaxed when doing homework, especially after drawing or working on an art project. When I draw, I stop using the part of the brain that’s being overloaded with logic-based homework, and I switch to the fresh half that holds creativity. And it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. You always get better the more you do it.

The next time you feel like you can’t focus on your work, pick up a pencil and draw something.