Freshmen class officer candidates’ mission statements


Leanne Eckhart, writer

Some of the freshmen class officer candidates share their mission statements and tell why people should vote for them:

Riley Hobbs, presidential candidate

“Make CA great again.”

“I believe I can help the freshmen class make CA a better place.”

Laini Shabo, presidential candidate

“Go with the flow and take life as it comes.”

“I’m hardworking, and I’ll get what needs to be done, done this school year.”

Ethan Abbey, vice-presidential candidate

“Learn to accept being rejected and learn how to reject being accepted.”

“I feel like I would do the best job.”

Daniel Kuhlman, vice-presidential candidate

“I’ll better tomorrow.”

“I am dedicated to what I do.”

Carolina Smith, vice-presidential candidate

“Be yourself.”

“I’m smart, organized, and willing to work.”

Ryan Howell, treasurer candidate

“Vote for who you need, not who you want.”

“I know that I can handle money accurately.”

Cooper Roth, treasurer candidate

“Live life.”

“I am going to be a business man and I can keep track of money.”

Katyln Burchard, historian candidate

“Extreme passion for photography.”

“I am an extremely hard worker and love to take photos.”

Lauren Caldwell, historian candidate

“Don’t listen to what others want you to be.”

“I’ve been in love with photography since I was a little girl and I would love to represent my class.”