10 things students don’t know about their teachers: Jennifer Marquez


Leanne Eckhart, writer


Mrs. Márquez . . .

  1. Collected music boxes as a child.
  2. Was a lifeguard as a teen.
  3. Visited a monkey shrine in Nepal.
  4. Was the female lead in her 8th grade class play.
  5. Has the same birthday as her childhood best friend.
  6. Had a dream at 7 years old that she fell in love with a man with an accent and later married one for real.
  7. Was given “Student Leader of the Year” award for district 8 in college (encompassed 2 states and the Upper Penninsula).
  8. Played basketball and ran track in middle school.
  9. Watched the sun rise over Everest.
  10. Taught as an English teacher in Mexico.