Life of Water, Can’t Swim


Devin Vaudreuil, writer

“. . .So Peter climbed over the side of the boat and walked on the water to Jesus” Matthew 14:29

Peter was a fisherman. From a young age he hauled in nets and nets of fish, probably helping his father. Fishing was his life. Rising before dawn to begin fishing, and staying out on the boat all day, or maybe even a few days. He lived on the water, his living was made by reaping from it, his meals were made from its produce. But there is one thing about Peter, and in fact every other fisherman in that day and age, that very few people understand — He couldn’t swim. Couldn’t swim to save his life.

Oh, the irony. The men whose lives depended on the sea couldn’t swim. It was a foreign concept, an impossibility. If they fell in, it was a death sentence.

Now you see the significance of Peter walking on water, or even the significance of him asking to come to Jesus. He was asking “Lord, let nothing keep me from coming to You.”

And Jesus said yes. See, when we are swamped with life, flooded with impossibilities, and drenched by disparity, we need only ask, and look. Christ wants us to want Him that badly, have that much faith in Him. Peter had so much faith and love for Christ that he accomplished what was literally impossible for men in that day. But he didn’t just swim to Jesus. He walked on the impossibility.

God does nothing half-heartedly. He did make Peter swim to Him. He said “Come Peter.” And Peter walked.