CAYA Ladies Volleyball players are “All in!”


Abby Hansen, writer

“C-A-Y-A Eagles!”

The season starts with a cheer.

Thursday night, August 11,  CAYA Varsity Volleyball  played their first home game against the Chattanooga Warriors.

Points bounced back and forth throughout the first set with neither side holding a clear lead for long. The girls needed to wake up – the game felt dead.

Though CAYA won the first set 25-19, team members felt they were not truly playing volleyball. Their apathetic attitude carried through to the second set which they lost 19-25.

That loss was their wake-up call.

As the girls lined up for the third set, the court felt different. They found their fire and rose up to play at the top of their skill levels.

The Lady Eagles earned a win of 25-18, and with rallying cries of “All in!” (the team’s theme for the season) they went on to win the fourth set – and the game – with a score of 25-21.