If you could ask God one question, what would it be? 


Morgan Nash, writer

Have you ever thought of the questions you would want to ask God if you saw Him in person? You probably would ask Him questions such as “Who am I going to marry?” or “What am I going to be when I grow up?”

But what if you could only ask one question? What one question would you choose to ask?

I recently went around Collegedale Academy and asked freshmen and seniors this very question. Here are their responses:

Caroline Crank, freshman: “I guess that I’d ask Him why would He have wanted to create the world even if so many people were going to be bad? Why did He want to create us?”

Hannah Moody, freshman: “When are you coming back?”

Madi Reinschmidt, freshman: “Why did He do everything for us even though we keep messing up?”

Ceilidh Johnson, freshman: “Why did He say ‘no’ to questions when saying ‘yes’ would have been better?”

Natalia Fuentes, freshman: “I would ask God if He could give me the knowledge that Solomon had so I could help people and understand things better.”

Emily Martinez, freshman: “How much faith do you need to have for Him to answer your prayer?”

Katie Scott, freshman: “I would ask Him to show me the times when He was there for me and I didn’t even know.”

Justin Moore, freshman: “Why did you create man?”

Camden Griggs, freshman: “Will aborted babies be in heaven?”

Jake D’avanzo, freshman: “Is Bigfoot real?”

Ryan van Zyl, freshman: “Who am I going to marry? And am I going to be in heaven?”

Allie Johnson, senior: “How did I get so lucky to be raised a Christian, when some people out there don’t really get the chance to know my God?”

Mason Wing, senior: “What is your plan for my life?”

Paul Liriano, senior: “I don’t usually question why God does things His way because I trust that He knows what’s best, but something I would like to know is why He cares about us in the first place? We love God because He saved us, but what made Him love us enough to send His own son to die for our foolish sins?”

Cameron Gustman, senior: “I would ask him about how to achieve true happiness, and the specific life choices to get there.”

Emily Miller, senior: “How do you put up with me?”


What’s one question you would ask God? Leave your responses in the comments below!