Orchestra Trip: favorite parts


Rebecca Ford, writer

Emmalina Pleshka: “My favorite part of the orchestra trip was when we went to Rockport, Massachusetts, and we visited a bunch of little shops. It was fun to walk around with friends; talk to the owners of the shops, who were really friendly; and buy some stuff.”

Kaylin Chung: “My favorite part of the trip was by far our stop at Rockport, and I’m sure many others would say the same. There were so many unique shops along the street—shops that can’t be found anywhere else. There was also a long strip of huge rocks that were by the water and my friends and I ran across the rocks and it was very entertaining. Overall, it was just nice to relax by the water and shop and the cute little shops.”

Alex Wilcox: “My favorite part of the trip was when we got to visit Boston. It’s a beautiful city full of history. I also enjoyed visiting the small East-Coast towns like Rockport and Gloucester. They had beautiful beaches and huge rocks, as well as plenty of shops to visit.”

Lauren Chung: “My favorite part about the trip was going to Gloucester. I have always loved anything sea related, and to see all the names of people who passed away in the sea on each plaque made me have a moment of respect and sympathy for the families of those who had lost their family members.”