10 things students don’t know about their teachers: Tamara Nafie


Xander Orquia, writer


Mrs. Nafie . . .

  1. Was the number-one scorer in Tennessee women’s high school basketball for one week during her junior year
  2. Has run 2 half-marathons
  3. Clogs for fun (clogging is a type of dancing)
  4. Was in Japan during the 2011 earthquake
  5. Has made her own Christmas card for the past 33 years
  6. Grew up square dancing in Deer Lodge during the holidays
  7. Had a 16-hand horse named Snowboy
  8. Was the most outstanding senior, voted most likely to succeed, and recipient of Daughters of the American Revolution award
  9. Went skinny dipping in Woodland Pond in Deer Lodge every year on the first day of March with her sister
  10. Used to drive a 1967 VW camper bus as an every-day driver (see picture)bus