Track Team exudes focus after first meet


Rebecca Ford, writer

Collegedale Academy’s track team had its first meet of the season at Red Bank High School on March 22. They started the season off with nearly every male coming in second on the 100 meter and the 200 meter.

Coach Reading admitted his excitement for this track season, especially after the meet. Reading believes has a “solid team.”

Just yesterday, April 4, Senior Xander Orquia set a personal record in the 200-meter dash.

Unfortunately, the team has lost members due to TSSAA regulations that don’t allow students to be on the team if they are receiving financial aid.

I spoke to several of the team members after the meet at Red Bank, and they exuded confidence, dedication and focus about this new season.

Here is what they had to say about the meet:

Elizha Sanders, senior: “We would all encourage each other by saying, ‘just don’t come in last and you’ll be okay!'”

Daniel Mihaescu: “Most of the team came out, and the ones that didn’t show up made excuses because they are too weak and afraid.”

Xander Orquia, senior: “If you’re too afraid to run, then return the jacket and quit. Excuses are weak and your weaknesses will be exposed on the track.”

Elizabeth Dodd: “I’ve never done track before, so going to Red Bank High School for the first meet was a very new experience.  Everyone there seemed to know what they were doing, and there I was, a complete amateur among all these future Olympians.  But after doing shot put and getting good advice from Coach Hobbs, I felt very pleased with my results and more confident in my ability to compete.  Overall, I think CA did very well for having just started a track team.”

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