The Golden Hour: a poem


Mia Ford, writer

Day comes to a end

a fire starts to burn on the horizon

Its flames leap across the hills and plains it resides in

The golden light casts a glow of heavenly nature

Shimmering gold floats from heaven to earth

doves sing for one last time

Bunnies bounce for one last time

Kittens purr for last time

One last time before to day dawns again

Drive long into the sunset

Look fast

Wait until the magic has past

This gift that God gives us is a rare treasure

Rubies and diamonds could never measure

The light and love the lord leaves in the sunset

The radiance of kings is nothing to how the earth is put to bed

Drink in the rays of pure gold

Live in the light the lord bestows

Take one more step

Sing one more note

Breathe one more breath

Before the day dawns again