Stories behind the 6-word memoirs


Rebecca Ford, writer

  1. An apple a day isn’t enough! – Diana Alvarez

Diana eats a lot of apples during the day. One day someone saw her eating an apple, and they said the common phrase: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Diana told the person that she likes apples so much that she usually eats more than one a day – that an apple a day isn’t enough!


  1. Where did that pickle come from? – Zack Akins

The golf team went to Taco Bell. When they got in the car, Zack had a random pickle on his arm.


  1. Triggers pulled, yet no bullets flew. – Julien M.

Julien’s family did missionary work in Haiti. One day, his father had to take a man to the hospital. When they got to the hospital, a strange man came up to the car window with a gun. He pulled the trigger, but no bullets came out. Julien’s family drove away, and the man went to shoot again, but the gun never went off.


  1. Twenty-five over (without a license). – Josh Dean

Josh was driving home with friends in the car, and he got pulled over for speeding. The cop gave him a speeding ticket, but he was still able to get his license after the incident.


  1. Fell on my face, so embarrassing. – Tatyana Toro

Tatyana fell on her face two or three times in one game during a basketball tournament in Michigan.


  1. Moldy coconut milk makes Silvie gag . . .  – Jay Owens

Jay asked Silvie about coconut milk. She responded by telling him about how it made her gag; that interaction began Silvie and Jay’s friendship.