What makes World Cultures club so successful?


Rebecca Ford, writer

There have been several clubs created by students at CA the last couple of years such as a chess club, hobbies club, history club, and just recently, a Bible study group. However, the most seemingly official club that has been created is the World Cultures club.

This club has grown to be quite popular over the past year, not so much because of the club itself but because of the students running it. The club meets the first and third Wednesday of every month, and members are always learning new information and preparing new foods using recipes from other cultures, making the club especially unique.

I asked one of the students in charge of this club, freshman Megan Marquez, what makes this club so successful. The biggest reason is its actual organized structure. Marquez said that at the beginning of the year the club was a mess because they never knew what to do each meeting or how to make people more serious about it, so she took action.

Marquez sat down with her co-leader, freshman Camden Griggs, and planned out meeting agendas for the entire year. Then, they made sure that the people who decided to be a part of the club were serious about it. If they weren’t, they had to leave.

The club has been enjoyable due to the organization and pre-planning of hopeful students.