Five most eye-catching research projects

  1. Brass Instruments – Omar Chavez

Omar’s project sat on a table with pictures of brass instruments, and not only that, but he actually had a myriad of brass instruments on their respective stands.

research 6

  1. Aviation – Tommy Thompson

Tommy had various commercial airlines and airplanes on his table, as well as multiple books on aviation, and to top it all off, he was dressed in a flashy and accurately- represented airline pilot’s uniform.

research 2

  1. The Differences Between Eastern and Western Art History – Logan Gao
    Logan’s table was covered with a huge variety of artistic Chinese art forms—from a traditional gown to writing brushes. It was a colorfully and ornately decorated project and caught my eye right away.research 4
  1. Wilderness Survival – Dylan Ford

Dylan’s booth definitely drew the crowds with an array of knives and axes. There was spice-bush tea and Sassafras tea. He had almost 10 different ways to start a fire too, from fire-pistons to flint and steel to a bowdrill. Not only did he have ways to make fire, but he actually started a fire in a tin bucket in the hallway.research 3

  1. Life of a Bee – Garrett Delgado

Garret’s display was eye-catching because he was dressed as a bee keeper, and he had a bee hive sitting on the table with residue honey and honey-combs. He had gloves, jars of honey, and even a fumigator to drive the bees out of the hive when it’s time to collect the honey.research 5