Happy Little Life: Pick up a paintbrush


Rebecca Ford, writer

February can seem long and stressful for high schoolers because there are no breaks, and everyone is anticipating Spring Break next month.

When life becomes overwhelming, finding a happy escape is important.

When I get stressed or overwhelmed, I find relief in taking just an hour or two to bury my thoughts and energy into a hobby. For me, that hobby is painting.

I started painting a couple of months ago, and I had no idea that I would enjoy it so much or be pretty decent at it. When I turn on my favorite music, pull out my paint, and begin marking on a fresh canvas, it’s like I’m stepping into an entirely different world—my own world. My deepest thoughts and feelings come to life in a way that can’t be expressed through words or actions.

When school or work becomes too much to handle, I step into my own little space, and for a little while I feel safe and free.