Renewed Children of God: Five students get baptized at Prayer Conference 


Mia Ford, writer

Saturday, January 23, 2016, was a monumental day for five Collegedale Academy students. To better understand their experience, one has to backtrack to Friday night.

When the students and chaperones who attended the Southern Union Prayer Conference at Florida’s Camp Kulaqua entered the general session meeting room where they’d been blessed during the previous two days by messages from Pastor John Boston, they did not give a second thought to the miracle that was about to take place.

A little over an hour after entering the building, more than one hundred students answered a call and made the decision to commit their lives to God. Almost everyone was emotionally spent and released tears in response to the evident presence of the Holy Spirit in that building.

The next morning, the newly-committed students were presented with the opportunity to be baptized in the springs of Camp Kulaqua. Even though the temperature was below freezing, five CA students: Amariah White, sophomore; Noah Banks, junior; Kaveri Jimenez, freshman; Devin Vaudreuil, junior; and Calle Turk, sophomore, braved the weather and got baptized along with students from other Southern Union academies.

Soon after the baptisms, almost as a small token of praise from heaven, snow flurries began billowing from the sky.

“I feel so much more ready to do more for Him and to put myself out of my comfort zone and take more risks for God,” Turk says. “I feel like I have a new excitement about everything for God. I’m so happy right now.”

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