To the seniors . . .


Morgan Nash, writer

Dear Seniors,

It’s second semester, just a few months until you all graduate, and let me guess—you are feeling a little panicky. Maybe it’s because you’re overwhelmed with the stress of college applications. Maybe you are determined to get your GPA up. Maybe you don’t know what college to choose, or perhaps you have to make the decision to even go to college at all.

Whatever it is that may be weighing you down, remember this: everything will work out according to God’s plan for you in your life. When the stress piles up, go to Him and ensure Him with your trust that He will guide you on the path that you need to take.

Only a few more months left and you’re done! You’ve got this! Keep your goals high on your list of priorities, but keep Him higher! With Him, we can do all things, take on any kind of challenge, and make the right decisions.

“Now is not the time to give up. God has brought you this far and after all you went through to get to this point, know that he is still with you. So, keep on doing good and trusting Him. Don’t grow weary. Your time is coming, and through Him, you are going to make it.” – Unknown