Collegedale Academy supports alumnus Michael Forbeck


Xander Orquia, writer

Michael Forbeck is a 2012 graduate of Collegedale Academy who has recently been diagnosed with Aggressive Peripheral T-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Doctors are advising that treatment take place as soon as possible.

The Forbeck family has found a specialist in Arizona with experience in the field and positive outcomes of treating the cancer that Michael has.

The specialist says that Michael’s case is the most aggressive he has ever seen. Given the cancer’s aggressiveness it should respond better to the treatment.

The downfall, however, is that such treatment comes at a costly $30,000.

Collegedale Academy took the liberty to raise money and contribute to Michael’s cause. This was done via a dress-down day which cost $2 per person.

The total amount of money raised by the students was $1,050 and was matched by an anonymous donor.

The total amount of money raised came to about $2,100 dollars.

Michael has an online page where people can donate money to help pay for his treatment. The amount of money the family has received so far is $16,023.

People interested in contributing to help Michael may follow the link to his donation site.