Classes compete to win the CAD4HOPE challenge


Mrs. Holland, writer

Collegedale Academy’s student body, as well as faculty and numerous volunteers, loaded into vehicles on Tuesday, November 17, to pick up bags of food for the annual CAD4HOPE Food Drive that helps to stock shelves in the Samaritan Center’s pantry.

One week earlier students dropped off bags at homes in the Collegedale/Ooltewah area.

CA students turn the food drive into a competition—the Samaritan Center provides pizza for the class that collects the most pounds of food.

The food drive is not over yet, as more food will arrive in the next few weeks, but as of today 11, 475.75 pounds of food has been collected.

The freshman class won the competition with 3,143.35 pounds, followed by the juniors with 3, 092.4, the seniors with 2,642.8, and the sophomores with 2597.2.

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