Happy Little Life: Roll your windows down


Claire Edens, writer

Is school dragging your mood down to the depths of the earth? Are you stressed? Get in your car and drive.

Don’t have a car? Call a friend. Ask your parents to go on a drive with you. Roll all of the windows down (or put the top down if you have access to a convertible), blast your jams and your grooves, sing at the top of your lungs or just sit in silence, and just let go of your worries.

Don’t have a starting point or an ending point – just have a journey. While you are in the car, think in your head or think out loud. If someone is with you, talk with him or her. Have an in-depth conversation; ask questions about life.

Feel the wind run its fingers through your hair and breath. Even if it is just for a short car ride, roll the windows down for as long as you can.