Project Chapel: Where are we now?


Claire Edens, writer

An interview with Mr. Djernes

What is the reasoning for renovating the chapel?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about branding and identity, and the chapel seemed to be the focal point of Collegedale Academy with all of its programming and things like that going on in there.

The chapel is outdated and it shows a lot of wear, so we wanted to update it . . . we have already gotten a bright red curtain clad with our school’s seal; the seal will also be displayed on the sides of all of the chairs.

Our administration is really trying to incorporate our signature colors – red, black, and white – into our school’s appearance.

What changes are still going to be made?

The chairs and the carpet still have to be installed, but first the chapel has to go under demolition: The current chairs have to be removed and their studs taken from the concrete.

The sound booth platform also needs to be fixed. We are in negotiation with the School Board to see if they will allow us additional funding to redo the lighting system on the stage as well as the sound equipment—basically upgrade both the sound and lighting systems. It will give us more flexibility.

Currently Mr. Bolton is very involved with the renovation;  he is fixing the cabinets for the storage area underneath the chapel, and he is also putting up the wall sconces.

When will the renovations be completed?

If everything is a go, the grand opening will be at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Currently we are waiting for the chairs to be manufactured, and there are also some small things that have popped up. As a remodel project gets started, there are things that come into light that were not prominent at first, and we have to take care of those. We have much to look forward in the future as our chapel starts to appear brand new.

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