Words on motivation  


Xander Orquia, writer

Defining Motivation

What is motivation? Most importantly, what affect does motivation have on our everyday lives and on the people around us?

Motivation is a concept that can be difficult to understand. As we all know, there are points in life when we feel untouchable, and there are times when we feel like we’ve been beaten so badly that we can no longer move forward.

What is the one aspect that drives us and that is constantly fluctuating depending on circumstances? Motivation.

I believe that every human being suffers with motivation at some point in his or her life. Everyone goes through hard times. Everyone struggles with different stresses of life such as school, money, or family. These are all things that can positively or negatively affect our motivation.

Motivation is something that almost every person takes advantage of at some point in time. I’ve experienced periods of my life when motivation seemed like the only thing that I knew was present in my life.

During those times I see now that I never stopped once to appreciate the pure motive and drive that I possessed.

I have also learned to appreciate other individuals’ motivation and have learned how to use others’ attitudes and perspectives to my benefit.

Take Mr. Finance (AKA Mr. Arner) for example. I have never had a conversation with that man in my life, but every time I see him in the hallway he is exuberant. His raw energy shines a positive light on my day and motivates me to have a positive attitude.

Recognizing Good and Bad Motivation

Take a look around you. Who do you surround yourself with? Are your friends in your friend groups supportive? Do they affect your life in a positive way? Do you have a positive or negative affect on them?

I have been very motivated in my life. I have also been extremely unmotivated in my life. As I analyze the effectors and origin of these opposites I see a common trend. Attitude.

The attitude of everyone around us directly affects us on a deeply emotional level. It is an everyday occurrence that can be easily overlooked.

Those who pull their motivation from a strong source may not be affected by one unmotivated student’s comment, “I can’t do this” or “This is stupid, I’m not going to do it” or the classic, “There is no point to this whatsoever.”

But for those who are less motived but push through each day giving their best, comments like this can and will kill their will to succeed. This is an example of a negative effect on one’s motivation.

Seeking Positivity

I would like to personally encourage all readers who are feeling as if they can’t go on any longer not to give in to the negative vibes of others. I am speaking not only to the individuals who are stressed about school but also to the individuals who not only struggle but also fear getting out of bed every day. Do not give up hope because you can overcome anything that life throws at you. You are loved and you can, do, and will make a difference in someone’s life.

I would also like to challenge those who feel as if they are Harvard bound not to overlook their gift of motivation. Use it wisely because I can personally guarantee you that it will not be there forever. Use it to lift others up, and use it to make a positive difference in this twisted society we live in. Perhaps you could throw a shaving in my direction?

Lastly and most importantly, for those who are feeling low and feel as if you simply can’t continue to fight the uphill battle you fight every day, feel free to speak to me in person. I have experienced many ups and downs in my personal life and know that having someone there when things get rough makes all the difference. Don’t be shy; you could be a freshman that has never spoken to me or has never heard of me. It doesn’t matter; Pull me aside in the halls or at lunch, and I will be more than happy to listen.