The Great Pumpkin Snatching Frenzy


Morgan Nash, writer

If you would have walked through the hallways of Collegedale Academy this past week, you would have been surprised at what you saw: paper pumpkins pinned on students’ shirts, boys harassing girls . . . or girls
harassing boys.

On Wednesday, October 28, all the girls in the school received a paper pumpkin with their name on it that they pinned to their shirt.

Their goal was to keep the pumpkin the whole day, but if they talked to a boy, even accidentally, they had to give their pumpkin to the boy.

The boy who collected the most pumpkins by the end of the school day was the winner.

The same rules applied for the game on Thursday, except the boys were the ones trying to keep their pumpkins.

With the whole school involved, many developed tactics and tricks in order to gather as many pumpkins as possible.

“I would walk up to guys,” freshman Kayden Ammerall said, “and ask them a random question or walk up to them and say ‘Wait did you just
say something to me?’ Most of them answered back without even thinking.”

With 10 pumpkins, Ammerall was the girls’ winner, while the boys’ winner, junior Braxton Tracy, snatched 18 pumkins.

Tracy and Ammerall each received a prize from the SA booth along with a real pumpkin from Mrs. Foster.

pumpkin 3