CAYA’s Soccer Team: Smashing it


Claire Edens, writer

The Collegedale Adventist Youth in Action boy’s soccer team has not gotten one break this season.

They have worked so hard to get where they were last night – the championship game.

On Tuesday, October 13, the CAYA team played at Finley Stadium against Maryville Christian School and won 4-3.

I had the opportunity of interviewing some of the players to get the inside scoop of what

this all means.


Chad Nash, junior

What does it take to get to the championship?

“Hard work, the will to win, and working as a team.”

What does the team stress the most during practice?

“That keeping the ball low and controlling the ball will win games. Going along with controlling the ball, we play ‘keep away,’ so pass, pass, pass.”


Collin Schepers, sophomore

What have you learned during this season?

“As an individual, I learned the skill of being a goalie. Our previous goalie [Matthew Calderon] graduated last year, so this year during the summer I went to a goalie training camp that allowed for a lot of one-on-one time with different trainers who used to play professionally.”

What has the team learned during this season?

“As a team, I would say that we learned to always be in the right mindset. Last year, a lot of people from the team took the games as a joke. This year we have practiced so many hours and put so much effort into training. The people from last year who joked dropped out toward the beginning of the season.”


Dylan Ford, sophomore

What is next in the season for our boys?

“We have the NACA Tournament coming up the end of this month. After that we will go our separate ways training and conditioning on our own until the summer. Then we will start conditioning as a team, and a little closer to the school year we will have tryouts for next year and do it all over again.”

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