Twelve things to know about Donald Trump’s political views


Xander Orquia, writer

Donald Trump and his recent shenanigans have been the talk of the Republican Party. Despite his loud mouth and flamboyant attitude, Trump continues to dominate the polls. He currently leads at 28.3% with Ben Carson in second at 16%.

Here are some of Trump’s views that he believes will “make this nation rich again.”

  1. Maintain the American right to keep and bear arms
  2. Prosecute criminals more seriously
  3. Fix the broken mental health care system
  4. Establish a strong border around the United States
  5. Make Mexico pay for a wall to be built on the U.S./Mexico border
  6. Defend the Laws and Constitution of the United States
  7. Triple the number of ICE officers
  8. Create a nationwide e-verify (this will help protect jobs for unemployed Americans)
  9. Enhance penalties for overstaying visa
  10. End birthright citizenship
  11. End welfare abuse
  12. Implement a refugee program for American children