Ten posts users can soon “Dislike” on Facebook


Claire Edens, writer

After years of complaints and suggestions from its users, Facebook finally took to the drawing board to consider implementing a “Dislike” button.

It has been long overdue, but the Facebook universe is thrilled nonetheless. Here are ten Facebook posts Facebook users will be 100% ready to “Dislike.”

  1. The constant stream of “here is what I am eating” posts. Really, nobody cares what kind of nutrients you are inserting into your body.
  2. The “I just went to the doctor and everything is looking good!” Congratulations, you’re a healthy human being with a functioning body.
  1. That one person’s posts that keeps showing up on your feed and you are not even really sure why you are friends with him or her in the first place.
  2. Newborn baby posts. I mean yeah, your baby is really cute and all, but I do not need to know every time he or she rolls over.
  3. The sudden influx of “Senior Year!” photo albums that everyone makes.
  4. Your ex’s status updates. Nobody cares, and I care the least.
  5. All of the Man Candy Mondays and the Women Crush Wednesdays. We get it, you’re dating now.
  6. The ugly pictures that you are tagged in (mostly posted by your grandmother).
  7. The “what’s on my mind” posts.
  8. Those ranting opinion posts. Keep your opinion to yourself; please do not share it here.

Thanks, Facebook. You really outdid yourself.