Ten words in the English Language you’ve never heard of but desperately need


Devin Vaudreuil, writer


  1. Clinomania: the feeling you get when your body refuses to get out of bed
  2. Apricity: that moment on a cold day when you are warmed by the sun
  3. Griffonage: doctors’ illegible handwriting
  4. Mondegreen: the action of mishearing lyrics in a song
  5. Palindrome: words or phrases that are the same forwards and backwards
  6. Apithongs: the silent letters in words such as ‘knight’ and ‘faux’
  7. Misodoctakleidist: Someone who dislikes practicing the piano
  8. Glabella: the space of forehead between your eyebrows
  9. Cachinnate: to laugh noisily
  10. Hesternal: having to do with yesterday