Dear Brock See


Dear Brock See,

It happens almost every day. I somehow make it through all my classes without dozing off, but once chapel rolls around, I find myself falling asleep. I feel horrible because I know how important chapel is, but it’s physically a challenge for me to try to stay awake. What do I do?


Too Tired to Function

I think it’s a good start that you realize the importance of staying awake, especially in worship. It’s understandable that one might doze off in such a gathering. Chapel is a break in between stressful classes and it can be tempting to want to shut off your brain completely. With a comfy chair and no teachers getting onto you for slouching, wanting to take a nap is a relatively normal response.

My first piece of advice is to really try to listen to the speaker by thinking about the lessons he or she is portraying. Think about how you relate to him or her and how the message they are presenting can be applied to your life.

Secondly, sing during the praise portion! Singing is not only a great way to worship, but it’s also a tool for staying active and awake. If you find yourself still dozing off during a song, try to think of the song’s message.

Third of all, do not slouch whatsoever. Slouching is basically the first step to falling asleep. By keeping good posture, you are ensured that you will not fall asleep (unless you have the talent to fall asleep while sitting straight up).

Lastly, don’t wear a jacket. Baldwin himself says that the chapel is kept cold to prevent the students from dozing off. If you are shivering, you are almost 100% guaranteed a sleep-free period.