Dear Brock See


Dear Brock,

Every day after school I’m super motivated to do my homework, and I feel like I can accomplish it on time, but when I get home, I get distracted. I don’t feel like doing anything except watch Netflix. At the end of the day, I have nothing done. How can I stay motivated?


In a Relationship with Netflix

When you’re doing homework, take breaks and lots of them. This will focus your train of thought dramatically and keep you on track. Having said that, when you take breaks, don’t get on your phone, computer, or any other electronic device. Find a physical book to read just for the fun of it. Read the book 5-10 minutes for every hour that you study. Other creative ideas include: doing a spastic dance to wake you up, jumping in a cold shower, and doing something really boring so you WANT to do homework. Whatever you choose to try, leave your phone in another room where it won’t distract you. Put it on silent so you won’t hear it. The world can wait for you.