Collegedale Academy’s auditorium undergoes renovation

Devin Vaudreuil, writer

Since the first day of school, students and faculty at Collegedale Academy have been shocked with the sight of a deconstructed chapel area. The unusual display has kept curiosities at a high, and questions have been floating about the halls regarding the changes being made to our auditorium. It is time for some answers.

Collegedale Academy administrator, David Djernes, explains what is actually happening to the auditorium.

What can you tell me about what you’re doing with the chapel?

We’re currently refurbishing the chapel, and we’re looking at fall break for a finished product.

There’s rumor of new curtains going in. Tell me about that.

The curtains have been in dire need of replacement. We have the color picked out, a slightly darker shade than the CA colors, and the Collegedale Academy seal will be embroidered on the valets. Another thing we’re doing with the chapel is putting in completely new carpet. It’s the same carpet as what’s in the band room. Also, all the lighting booth and sound booth equipment are getting an upgrade so it can all be controlled from one booth down on the floor.

Are the chairs going to be comfortable? Or are they going to be hard in order to keep students awake?

Well, consider the fact that we have Connect church, alumni, various other groups, and the plays all held in the chapel. Because of all that the chairs will be comfortable. No wooden pews for the chapel.