Bangkok woman says bombing motive uncertain


Morgan Nash, writer

Following an August 17 Bangkok bombing, a Thai woman who works in Bangkok says that the country is still trying to understand the reasons why it happened.

Placed inside a religious shrine located in one of Bangkok’s main shopping areas, the bomb killed 20 and injured nearly 130—bringing panic and tragedy to the city.

“I was still at [the] office when there was the explosion,” Oah Petchaladda said. “I heard [the news] from my family and friends who called to check on me because my office is not far from the place. I was sitting there with tears [in my eyes] after hearing about what had happened even though I didn’t know any of the victims.”

Petchaladda says she doesn’t necessarily think the bomb was set off because of religious reasons.

“It’s hard to say. Investigators are still discussing whether the [bomb was placed to] target Thais or foreigners because of its placement in the city center and shopping area. We can only wait for the police to confirm this,” she said.

“A couple days after the police cleared the place, people went there to place flowers for the victims. They have also organized a religious ceremony to pray for the victims. We are all so sad for what happened.”

Through Southern’s student missionary program, Petchaladda is friends with several Adventists in Collegedale. Several of these friends have placed well wishes on the Facebook pages of Petchaladda and other Thai people who took English and Bible classes from student missionaries.