How do Collegedale Academy athletes pump up before a game?

Morgan Nash, writer

Alonzo Horton

Alonzo Basketball 2

“After getting warmed up, my team gathers in a big huddle. I then squat down in the middle of them. We, like, move around and I’m in the middle and I say, ‘who’s got my back?’ and they say, ‘I got your back!’ The chant goes on several times, progressively getting louder and louder, ending with a bang.”

Noah Miller

“I like to go off by myself and listen to Drake before each game. It’s not like I plan to go off by myself, it just happens. Taking the time to separate myself and listen to music helps me focus and get in ‘game mode’ before each basketball game.

Collin Schepers

Colin Soccer

“My ritual? I usually listen to ‘Bird Machine’ (an upbeat song by DJ Snake) about five times. I picked up this routine from Matthew Calderon who was last year’s soccer captain.

Daniel Mihaescu

“I drink water.”

Ashlyn Howell

Ashlyn Volleyball

“I don’t necessarily have a pre-game ritual that pumps me up, but once in a while if our team is warming up, and music is played over the speakers throughout the gym, it helps pump us up along with the crowd.”

Timmy Suzuki

Timothy Soccer

“Previous to each game, I walk up and down the field on my own, listening to this dude (a motivational speaker) talk for like an hour in order to get into the right mindset.”