Back to School Tips and Hacks


Mia Ford, writer

These shortcuts will make our ever-so -difficult lives seemingly effortless.

1. iPad volume not loud enough?

Cut a hole in a red Solo cup and place it over the speaker to amplify the sound.

2. Ever had an apple in your lunch that is way too big and would be really awkward to try to eat?

Put your index finder over the center of the stem, and then take your non-dominant hand and briskly strike the top of your index finger until it breaks in half. This should only take three to four strokes. You won’t even need a knife!

3. More tired when you wake up than when you fall asleep?

Try the Sleep Cycle app on the App Store. It monitors your movements and will wake you up when you are in a lighter sleep.

4. Think you’ve forever lost unsaved drafts on Microsoft Word?

Right after the unsaved document is closed, open Microsoft Word again and follow these steps click by click: File, Info, Manage Versions, and finally, Recover Unsaved Documents.

5. Want to effortlessly burn extra calories?

Eating breakfast in the morning makes it ten times easier to burn calories throughout the day, so do not skip it!

6. Do you have dirty tennis shoes that you are hesitant to wear, and are you lacking shoe cleaner?

Use nail polish remover on a cotton ball and stroke it onto the rubber parts of the shoe. It will take the dirt right off.

7. Want quick, simple answers without reading through difficult words?

Type in to get a straight-to- the point answer.

8. Want a short cut to Microsoft Word’s thesaurus?

Hold down the Shift and F7 keys to open Word’s Thesaurus.

9. Got a stain on your nice new uniform?

Spray some hairspray on the stain and wipe it right off.

10. Have a visit from an unexpected zit?

Dab the pimple with a bit of honey and cover it with a bandage overnight. It will disappear by morning.