Collegedale Academy seeks a change in the hair rule

Xander Orquia, writer

During the first few days of school, a petition organized by senior Herbie Klischies, senior, and Chad Nash, junior, was passed around CA in support of a change in the current CA Handbook hair rules for males.

Those who prefer to wear long hair understand the struggle of having Mr. Crawford declare in the halls or at registration, “get rid of that mop on your head!” However, not everyone is clear on the rules and regulations of the hair policy for males.

This is what the policy states:  “Hair must be clean and present a well-groomed appearance. It must be out of the eyes. For boys hair must not extend beyond the bottom of the ear or the shirt collar. Boys cannot wear their hair in a “ponytail.” Bizarre or trendy fads in hair styles are not allowed. Hair must be a natural color (black, blonde, brown, red/auburn).”

Klischies and Nash turned in the petition to Principal Baldwin on August 17, 2015 with approximately 178 signatures including a handful of faculty signatures.

Here is what Herbie has to say about the purpose and motivation behind this proposed change:

Do you believe the rules placed on boys’ hair are unfair? Why?

“Yes, because rules were meant to hold us back, and I feel like the hair rule is holding me back and other guys back from expressing ourselves and becoming all that we can be.”

Do you think the rules on hair are unfair to boys specifically? Why?

“Oh, for sure! Girls hardly have any restrictions on their hair. When girls wear their hair long, it’s normal or cute. When guys do it, we are labeled ‘druggies.’”

Do you think all hair restrictions should be removed or are you arguing specifically against the length rule?

“I believe that people should be able to do whatever they want with their hair; that is one way of expressing themselves. I believe it would allow people to open up more, and if they are judged, then we aren’t doing our part here as a Christian school at Collegedale Academy.”

What do you hope to accomplish with this petition?

“I hope to have long hair for the rest of my senior year and for other guys to be able to grow their hair out throughout high school.”