10 situations only Collegedale Academy students understand

Claire Edens, writer

The many comments and quirks every person who has gone to Collegedale Academy can relate to.

1. “Collegedale Academy? Where’s that?” In Collegedale… Southern Adventist University? Little Debbies?

2. Trying to hear in Mrs. Holland’s classroom when the air conditioning comes on is like trying to hear at an airstrip.

3. Not realizing how uncomfortable your uniform is until you take it off. (Taking your uniform can be equated to taking off a full body potato sack.)

4. The school’s temperature is either Antarctica or the Sahara Desert. There is no in between.

5. Typing in the Proxy password every five seconds. C-O-L-L-E-G-E-D-A-L-E

6. Being scared to order a lunch the first day of school because the freshman lunch is unknown territory.

7. Sneakily taking off your non-school approved jacket as you pass Mr. Crawford in the hallway.

8. Forgetting your ID card and your whole day is just a gamble.

9. Mr. Beasley FINALLY telling the Coke machine story. I can die happy now.

10. Coach Reading and Mr. Graves spotting gum from a mile away.