Smoke, Mirrors, and High School Corridors

Jesse Darwin

By: Jesse Darwin

Many people are hesitant to admit that depression is a prevalent and relentless occurrence among today’s youth.

The funny thing about depression is that it doesn’t have to be directed at anything. It can be perpetuated by something as simple as telling a lie. Really.

Some people who haven’t experienced depression might ask “why don’t people just snap out of it/just focus on the good?”

Well, if it was that simple, I assure you that the world would be at peace instantaneously. However, it is not that simple. Depression’s grip stands stronger than merely a thought in someone’s head: It’s more of a presence that takes the wheel and forces you into the backseat of your life.

What seems simple from the outside looking in can become convoluted beyond belief in the victim’s mind. It’s not a funny matter. At all. One has to experience depression firsthand to realize the colossal and detrimental effects that it has on a life.

My sincere advice for people suffering from depression is to talk, talk, talk, and talk until every last question in your head is answered and some sort of closure is achieved. This speeds up the whole process and blah blah blah. It helps. Be willing to talk to your friends. Talk to your parents. Talk to faculty. People are there for you more than you will ever realize.